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The Wednesday Wag!

DSC03657Yesterday and today has been sunny here, although cold, but I have been out in the garden. Mom left me out for a little while but I am in trouble as I have been digging at the back of the Boys’ Den!  A darned cat was sat on the fence and would not move but it eventually did when I almost reached it when I stood on the edge of the deck!!!!!!



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Dad has been away and I miss him as he gets up really, really early and so I get my breakfast quickly, but Mom does not get up until 6.00am!  She is a lazy bones!

Have a Woofy Ash Wednesday.




Yes today is Shrove Tuesday when you eat pancakes well that is what has become tradition but really is eating fat before the fasting of Lent and Ash Wednesday.   As DH is away all week on business we actually had our pancakes on Sunday!   I always suffer when I am making pancakes as DH remembers being a small boy with his best friend, James, in his Mom’s kitchen on Shrove Tuesday and Auntie Margaret just making pancake, after pancake until they were full.  Being little Boys of course they were never full.  So I always make double the amount of batter but it never seems to be enough!!!!!!

I watched it!  Its still great!  However I am a die-hard fan but the writing was just the same and Gillian Anderson and David Duchovny were still great as Mulder & Scully.  I just wish there was going to be more episodes than the six they have made!  There is a rumor in Episode Five of introducing their replacements and for the X-Files to continue with them instead of Mulder & Scully.  Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!! It won’t work.  Mulder & Scully are the X-Files!!  You can’t do it!!!!!

DSC05002To say Treacle has been hibernating she wasn’t last night!  Because DH is away I was “allowed” to have Treacle on my bed as she usually sleeps in Youngest’s room in her basket.  Well she spent the whole night running up and down stairs barking and then got me up at 5.00am!!!!  Tonight she is sleeping in Youngest’s room!!!!!

I am still trying to sort out my sewing and stash in Eldest’s room but it is so nice that I don’t have to tidy everything away when I have finished and can just leave it as it is.  I just need to be a bit more organised in the room.  Eldest can still stay in his room, he will just have to climb over a few things!!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


Is It Still February?!

The way the weeks fly by I thought it would be March already!!!!  DH and I went out for our dinner on Saturday and it was a lovely evening, although it was blowing a gale and raining heavily.  All the rivers and streams are full and there has been some local flooding but mainly on farmland.

When I was little, February always seemed to me to be a really long month, although it is short by usually three days, but this year is a leap year so we have an extra day!  As this is a day we don’t normally get it is an opportunity to do something different or take the extra day to relax and have a chill day!  Obviously the weather does not help so outdoor activities could be limited but it doesn’t stop you from sneaking that day to do something for you.  This year it is a Monday so I think I will sneak the day to do some quilting.

I have been busy quilting but nothing really big, although I still have quilts to finish and my quilt commission to get on with.  I will get some pictures of what I am doing and an explanation!!!

DH is away all week on business in the south of the country so it is just Youngest, Treacle and I.  I think tonight it will be an early dinner and bed early as I am really tired!!!! 

I hope your Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

These have appeared in the garden over the last week and made me smile, they are so pretty.


So January flew by in weeks of storms and lashing rain here, brightened by watching the Australian Open Tennis and the Dakar Rally!  Watching these two countries and their warm weather made it seen a little less like winter here.  Speaking of which the Groundhog did not see his shadow so we should get an early Spring and I say bring it on!!!!!


The funeral was very respectful and really a celebration of DH’s Aunt.  However by the time we got to the cemetery the clouds had rolled in and it was blowing a gale!!!!  DH read the poem “Daffodils” by William Wordsworth, his Aunt loved her garden and spent a lot of time in it when she was able. 

Treacle is still hibernating having missed her Wednesday Wag yesterday being asleep again!!!!  I got caught up on the work I didn’t do on Tuesday as we were out all day.  In the evening we went to Youngest’s Parents Evening, he had great reports from all his teachers, just all of them imploring all the children’s parents to make sure they revise as much as they can before the exams in twelve weeks time!  And we all know how quickly the weeks fly by and it will be here in no time!!!!!!

I have a basket of ironing to do tonight and tomorrow House Jobs and grocery shopping and I am hoping to sneak the afternoon to try and tidy my sewing area!!!!!!  Well that’s the plan!!!!!  Saturday evening DH and I are going out for dinner!!!!  I know don’t fall off your chairs, we are not doing anything with swimming this week!!!  I had some vouchers given to me for my Birthday last year and then we were given some more vouchers for the same restaurant, so we have booked for Saturday.  We were supposed to go for our wedding anniversary, which is the beginning of November!!!!!!!!!!!

The views from the lane above Charleston

I paid for our holiday at Easter and can’t wait to go.  This view restores me like no other!  Seven weeks and counting!!!!!!!!! 

I hope you are having a Thrilling Thursday, its raining again here!!!

Hugs, Susie x


Tomorrow is Groundhog Day and we will then know if we are going to get six more weeks of winter, although so far we have just had rain, rain and more rain!!!!  It is cold at the moment but I don’t think that will last.

IMG_20160130_163759I had a go at tidying Eldest’s room at the weekend but seemed to make just as big a mess!!!  I need to really sort it out but I have been trying to do some quilting as well so it was not a good day!

We have the funeral tomorrow for DH’s Aunt but we have to get back in the early evening so we can go to Youngest’s school for his Parents Evening.  This is where we get to talk to all his teachers about his mock exam results and predictions for his real exams in the summer!!!  It is going to be a long day!

Youngest was swimming at the weekend in a Club Gala and he got a PB for his 100m Backstroke and the Club came fourth and currently we are third in the league, which is a great result.

DSC04927Treacle is definitely in hibernation mode at the moment and just moves from her basket for walks, outside visits and food!!!!!!!  She does play when Youngest gets home from school but that is about all the activity!!! 

I hope your Monday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x