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Don’t Know Whether I Agree With The Hype!!!!

Over the Christmas holidays Youngest, DH and I went to see this.  Now you all know how old I am and I was 13 when I went with my Mom and Dad to see the original Star Wars in 1977 at the cinema and it was wonderful.  Completely different to any other film of the era and brought Sci-Fi to the Big Screen.  Dad and I always watched the original Star Trek together on the TV so when Star Wars appeared we had to go see it!

Youngest, DH and I enjoyed the new film but I am not sure about all the hype about it as to me it was a re-hash of that 1977 original!  Of course it didn’t help that all the heroes from the original all look a lot, lot older!!!! 

This was the true star of the film, BB-8. He was great and reminded me a lot of Treacle!!!!!!!

I am sure we will go and see the next one in the story but from having watched this I think I could probably write the script of the new one already!!!!! 

Talking of watching things, one of my favourite shows, Haven, concluded last night forever as the powers that be have cancelled it!  I loved this show, especially as it was based around Stephen King’s book, The Colorado Kid.  Did they do justice to the show with the ending?  No I don’t think they did, I think they didn’t quite know how to end it and it became confused.  This is the second show I watched which had a confused ending, they did the same with Warehouse 13! 

I suppose I am thankful that they did get to end it as so many shows these days are ended without a concluding series/episode, like Hannibal and The Following.  Such a shame that it is all now driven by viewer numbers which are then linked to advertising.  What happened to good programs for the viewers?

Youngest had an exam this morning but I collected him at lunch so he is now busy revising while I am trying to get house jobs done today and I have some errands to run tomorrow and then collect Youngest again at lunch. 

I hope your first Thursday of the year is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

They have forecast this over the weekend, so I think we are in for a cold spell after the mild Christmas & New Year.

The Wednesday Wag!

DSC04927Did you say it was Wednesday?  You mean I need to write a Wednesday Wag?  Do I have to?

Treacle all your readers will want to hear from you!

I am just too tired Mom, Christmas took it out of me!

DSC05114I was very busy opening presents and keeping everyone company and playing with Youngest and of course keeping up the patrols of the garden!

But you missed the squirrel several times!

DSC05132 DSC05133In fast the squirrel completely emptied the feeder which we had set out for the birds!  And you missed him completely Treaks!!!!!!

DSC03886Well I am sorry but there is only so much I can do in a day and I really have to spend most of it in my basket asleep, I really do need my beauty sleep!

Hmm that’s what you call it is it, beauty sleep.  You do snore you know?!

No I don’t I just breathe heavily!

I hope you are having a very Woofy New Year so far!


Decision Made!

DSC04390Having sorted out a sort of quilting plan my first few jobs of this year is going to get Eldest and Youngest’s quilts quilted!  I asked a while ago in a post about spray basting and I thank everyone who contacted me and let me know their opinions.  However I have decided to spray baste them because to pin them would involve a lot of work and I am honestly sick of getting stuck in the tummy when I am quilting them!!!!!!!  Also they are large, so I thought it was worth a go!!!!  I still also have two super secret quilts to finish too but they are smaller and I can pin those! 

It has been raining and grey again today, so Treacle and I have been in the Den all day with the lights and heat on.  I had to go to the Dentist this morning about a tooth which was twinging and he couldn’t find anything wrong but he thinks I might be grinding my teeth at night!!!!  He told me I need to stop!  Hmm I wonder how he expects me to stop doing something I don’t know I am doing?

I have a basket of ironing to do this evening but tomorrow I am hoping to get some quilting sorted.

Youngest has done his second day of his mock exams and he seems okay so far, I think I am more stressed than he is but I am trying to not let him know I am stressed!!!!!!  I think this may be one of the reasons why I am grinding my teeth at night!

I have been catching up on the Blogs I read and it has been lovely seeing how everyone spent their Christmases and what they are aiming to do in the New Year.  One Blog said that they see the New Year as a new Journal with 365 pages in it, which is a great analogy.  I am still writing down each day three things which have made me happy, but some days I have to look really hard for them! 

This made me happy though, DH took me to see the new Snoopy & Peanuts movie over the Holidays and it was great!  Well worth a visit.  Can’t wait now for the next kids film, The Secret Life of Pets, which is not out here until the summer. 

I hope you Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x

Four Days Already Gone!

DSC05111Santa’s been!

Well there’s Christmas all done for another year!  You spend so many hours planning and getting everything ready and it is all done so quickly!  Anyway we had a lovely few days and the rest of the holidays was quite quiet as Youngest was having to revise for his mock exams which began today! Here are some more pictures of our Christmas (picture heavy post!)

DSC05091Treacle was in a festive mood.

DSC05098Our sitting room ready for Santa’s visit.

DSC05094Our dining table set ready for Christmas Dinner.

DSC05112Youngest and Treacle on Christmas morning.DSC05131Evalyn, Mom and Dad arrived just after midday and there were more presents to open.  This is the doll and cradle which I made the small quilt for.

DSC05128Evalyn and her Uncle playing with a big box of Duplo they bought for her.

DSC05124Before the wrapping paper got everywhere. DSC05122We pushed the sofas back so there was more room for everyone.

DSC05119Christmas morning and Treacle waiting to open her gifts.

DSC05117Come on Mom time to open those gifts.

DSC05114Finally my presents!

We stayed in at New Year (if I am truly honest I hate New Year) and watched Big Ben strike Midnight on the TV which was fine.  Last weekend we took the decorations down and I cleaned (another job I hate as the house looks so plain when you take the decorations down) so we were all ready for work/school this morning 😦

Normally I don’t do resolutions but last year I decided to make a plan of doing some quilting every week.  Which was okay until the better weather and lighter nights arrived and quilting seemed to take a back seat again.  However this year I am not doing two big jobs with the swimming club and our Carnival in the village so I am hoping that I will be able to do some quilting each week.  So my plan is to try and do better this year!!!!! 

January has not started well in other aspects and I feel a bit down at the moment but am fighting against it.  So I am going to use my quilting as a distraction. 

This coming weekend is going to be busy as ever as we have our big Open at the swimming club where we have clubs from all over the country coming to swim and we had to move it from Saturday to Sunday, which I don’t like as at least when it is Saturday you have Sunday to recover but not this year!  Oh well!

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and New Year.

Hugs, Susie x

We didn’t get any of this over the holidays, unfortunately it just rained and rained and it was quite mild.  Several areas of the UK suffered lots of flooding over several days and I feel so sorry for everyone affected by it.