Christmas Wednesday Wag!

DSC05091The household has gone into overdrive now.  Dad has finished work and is helping Mom get all the jobs done before Christmas.  I have been told there are only two more sleeps until Santa comes and leaves me some gifts and I can’t wait.

I am ready for him with my Santa hat on and my bell, although Mom thinks I may be mistaken for a reindeer and get taken off with them after they have delivered to our house!

Mom has cleaned everything in sight and every bed, including mine, has been washed and she says she only has the ironing to finish and then that is all done.  She is baking later which I will be helping with!

I hope all my Wednesday Wag Followers have a lovely Woofy Christmas.



2 thoughts on “Christmas Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Merry Christmas, Treacle!! I hope you have some lovely snow to play in!! We’re supposed to get snow tomorrow – up to 6″!!! So nice of you to help mom with her baking – it is so important to keep that floor clean and Santa to know that you are helping out around the house!!! Hugs, Tara

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