Christmas Comes To Our Home!

DSC05061Here is our Tree for this year and despite the mix up when we went to buy it, it really is a lovely tree and it smells wonderful!  We actually decorated the house on Sunday December 5th, we always do it after Youngest’s Birthday.

DSC05062The lights and greenery on our stairs. 

DSC05063Everyone is hoping it will snow but at the moment it doesn’t look like it.  I love this decoration though.

DSC05064This is my dresser in our kitchen.  I got the four mugs, four for £3 which is a real bargain and I can use them after Christmas as well. 

DSC05065This is Youngest’s Advent Calendar (Eldest has the same one too!)  They have always had traditional ones with windows to open, I don’t like the chocolate ones so I never bought them those, but they have always wanted these new style ones from Lego.  Anyway as they are now 20 and 16 I relented and bought them one each.  They are also fans of Star Wars so this seemed appropriate.

DSC05066These are the decorations in my kitchen which is very Swedish in style. 

DSC05067The rear door to our garden.

DSC05068Our Den where I spend my day working, with the lights.  The lights are the best part of Christmas, I love them and if I could I would keep them up all year!

DSC05058I have made one of these again this year, the infamous Chocolate Log, but this year it is sitting on the microwave instead of the counter, to ensure that Treacle does not eat the whole thing this year!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

DSC05025Our Christmas Cake

DSC05021The cakes I made for Tom’s Aunt and our friends.


DSC05059This is Youngest holding Treacle to look out of the window as Santa came down the hill.  It was our local Rotary collecting for their charity this year last night. 

DSC05032 DSC05035The Christmas presents all wrapped and waiting to be delivered.

It has been very handy Eldest hasn’t been home as I have been using his room to store and then wrap and keep the presents!  I have managed to send our cards off as well, so all I need to do now is get the fresh food for the Day!  I am quite pleased I am ahead as a few weeks ago I honestly thought it was not going to happen!  Now if I can just persuade Youngest that he really does need this room, I can change it into my sewing room!!!!!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well

Hugs, Susie x

3 thoughts on “Christmas Comes To Our Home!

  1. farmquilter

    So beautiful!!! No Christmas decor happening here since I expect to be with my dad for Christmas and hubby doesn’t want to have to take it all down himself. Definitely makes for NO Christmas feeling though. I miss it but spending Christmas with my dad is more important – at 94, I never know which Christmas will be the last one I can spend with him!! They are forecasting snow for us starting tomorrow and lasting for about a week…I am praying that at least on Monday the snows will stop so I can make the 13 hour drive to see my dad – he already has had several snow storms blow through! Hope you get your white Christmas – always makes the day more magical!

  2. Jocelyn Thurston

    Wow, you certainly do have Christmas in your home. It is all lovely and your cakes look wonderful. Is your Christmas cake a fruit cake? No snow here in Ottawa, Canada just yet…heavy rain overnight. No one remembers a December like this.

  3. Mitch and Molly

    Your home looks so beautiful and your cakes look sooooooo yummy! We stole your idea for the lights to go along the stair steps rather than up at the handrail and we like it so much better! Our mom agrees – the lights make Christmas even more special♥

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