Those Pesky Elves!

Well I still cannot download any new images to my blog, which has made it very difficult to do any posts over the last few days!  I think those pesky Elves have got something to do with it!  You would think at this time of year they would be too busy getting Christmas sorted?!!!!

DSC04284Last Tuesday Jayne and I went Christmas shopping in Nottingham.  I bought lots and Jayne didn’t, but I did get the rest of my Christmas present buying finished.  These are the lights from last year, but they are the same this year!  DH has been busy as he was comparing the Light Switch On in Long Eaton and Ilkeston on Thursday and Friday last week and then Saturday he was hosting a Talent Show! 

Eldest has been visiting Girlfriend in France while his shoulder was still healing (it is fine now) and flew back yesterday to go to work today (!)   Youngest has been rehearsing a play at school which we are going to see on Thursday night, so he has been late at school and had to go in last Sunday (!).  Fliss, Lee and Evalyn came for dinner on Sunday and are now also coming for Christmas Day (!). 

Today DH picked up the Big Boss of the company we work with in Germany at Birmingham Airport for meetings in Wales today, more meetings nearer to us tomorrow and I am entertaining him for dinner tomorrow night (!)

Friday we are doing the disco for some friends and their Christmas party, Saturday we are getting all our decorations out and writing the Christmas cards and getting the presents wrapped and Sunday Youngest and I are at the County Sprint Championships in Sheffield and DH will be there for a little while and then is coming back to commentate on our Club’s Lifesaving Championships (!)

DSC04183I have managed to make 60 mince pies so far, I have made 40 Christmas cookies and still have to make the chocolate truffles.  I need to marzipan the four Christmas Cakes and then ice them and get the Christmas hampers ready for DH’s family and get them delivered, as well as playing Santa and getting all the other presents to those we won’t be seeing over the Christmas holidays.

Youngest will get a bit of time off over Christmas but will spend most of it revising for his mock exams which happen the first two weeks back of January (!)  He is not happy!

DSC04439Last Thursday I took Treacle to the groomers so she is all washed and clean and she then went to the vets on Saturday for a check up (she is fine) and Friday I managed to wash mine and Eldest’s car, although I apparently left a stripe down the middle of Eldest’s car, his roof, which I missed!!!!! I blame the weather as it was quite dark when I was washing it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I have also had three friends Birthdays last week and this, including Youngest’s tomorrow, and I am not in Birthday mode at all, full on Christmas mode, which has thrown me a curve ball.  Next week we are visiting some of the relatives on Friday evening (but we will have two cars in the City as DH is working over there during the day) and then Saturday we are taking Youngest and seven friends go-carting and then on Sunday he is doing an in-door Triathlon where we swim!

And if all this wasn’t enough, today is December 1st and that means there are only 23 and a bit days before Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  PANIC!

But it is snowing on my blog now which I always love!

I hope your Tuesday and week is a little quieter!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Those Pesky Elves!

  1. farmquilter

    Mercy, Susie!!! You make me feel like quite the slug!!! No wonder you start preparing for Christmas in October – your life is crazy!! I’m just working on making potholders for Christmas gifts now that I have finished my granddaughter’s wall hanging. My December schedule is much less stressful than yours – Christmas dinner with my quilting guild this coming Monday and practicing for our community cantata that will be presented on December 16 and 20. (Do keep in mind that my community is only 800-900 people and the participants are from the 5 churches). I’ll be heading to my dad’s on the 21st and I’ll be spending a few weeks with him…I’m never sure which visit will be my last one with him, so they are all a bit bittersweet. I pray you have the strength to keep up with your crazy schedule!!! Glad to hear that Eldest’s shoulder is doing better.

  2. Mitch and Molly

    Oh my goodness! We are tired out just reading all that is going on in your life these days, Miss Susie! We sure wish that we could reach through the computer screen and help ourselves to one of your yummy cookies! We hope you got to sample one, Treacle!

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