How To Make Your Child’s Day!

How to make Youngest’s Day?  Put the Christmas CDs’ in the Jeep!

He was so pleased when he got in the car this morning and switched on the stereo and there was the Christmas music!!!!!  It lifted my heart, he was so pleased!

I then spent the morning being Eldest’s chauffeur as he had to go and see his Tutor for his course he is doing, although he is not able to work at the moment because of his shoulder (it feels a little better today although it is still very sore and stiff).  He got good feedback from his Tutor and an Excellent on his report, especially for coming in whilst injured!   I, meanwhile, did get some more Christmas shopping done in the four hours he was in with his Tutor!

I spent this afternoon catching up on work.  Treacle is completely confused with Eldest being back home again and being here all day!  She is loving it though having both Boys around again!


She has dragged out every toy to play with Eldest!

Swimming Coaching tonight for Youngest and a busy weekend ahead as usual!  I hope your Wednesday is good.

Hugs, Susie x

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