Oh What A Night!

So there we are at the Swimming AGM at the Leisure Centre where we swim and Eldest had arrived to go to the gym.  Our Head Coach was called out of the meeting and two minutes later he is stood at the door and gesturing for me to leave the meeting.  Of course I was in AGM mode and thought there was a problem with that but no it was Eldest!  He had managed to dislocate his shoulder again while he was in the gym!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

For those who read my blog regularly will remember that he did this almost exactly a year ago at the swimming club championships whilst he was in the pool and at that point his Coach had put the shoulder back and he had no swelling, pain or even a bruise.  However the leisure centre would not allow him to do it this time and insisted on calling an ambulance and him going to the hospital!  So I abandoned the AGM and went with him to the hospital.  To get him there he was given gas and air and then in the ambulance some morphine!

At the hospital he was given more morphine and a sedative and more gas and air while the doctor pulled and the nurse pushed waiting for the clunk to know that the shoulder was back.  He was in a lot of pain!  He had an X-ray to confirm that all was okay and nothing was broken, which it wasn’t.  Anyway he has been to the clinic today and they have examined it but it is swollen, bruised and still painful so he has it in a sling and he has been signed off from work for four weeks of rest and no driving!  The no driving is the bit which is going to kill him.

However he is back at home but DH said it was a rather extreme way to get all my babies back under one roof!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  See there is a silver lining to every cloud!  Also Treacle is super happy as she has someone else at home all day again!!!!

We got home from the hospital last night at midnight, so none of us slept well and at 5.00pm now I am getting tired!  Just about to get dinner read and then Youngest has swimming tonight but I think we will all be in bed early after that.

I hope your day was less eventful than mine!!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Oh What A Night!

  1. farmquilter

    Poor you and poor eldest! My first hubby dislocated his shoulder skydiving and it got so he would roll over in bed and it would go out…he ended up with surgery on it – no fun and I hope Eldest doesn’t need surgery!!! Rather sounds as though he has stretched the tendons, ligaments and muscles (at the very least) and they won’t keep his shoulder in place. Is it possible to ask his doctor to order a dye-contrast MRI? That is the best way to find out if he has torn anything – the dye spreads throughout the joint and really shows if there is a problem…sometimes regular MRIs don’t pick up tears in the rotator cuff (ask me how I know!!). Hope he gets well soon!!

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