November’s Here!

November’s here and so is the fog!  You can have a nice sunny day and then this is the result here in Derbyshire!  Where we are is a valley and so the fog stays all day and you can drive two miles down the road and its bright sunshine!

London Eye - all the Boys 251005We had a great week off but busy as always.  Darling DH’s Birthday was on October 29th but he was away in Wales on business so we celebrated on Friday.

DSC04987 DSC04989 DSC04988DSC04990I managed to get quickly decorated for Halloween on Saturday, and from 5.00pm it was non-stop opening the door to all the Trick or Treaters!  DH did all the opening as normally if Halloween is in the week he is not home.  A lot of the children know him from Carnival and he did manage to scare a few of the older ones!!!!!!

DSC04985 DSC04984Yesterday and today I have been busy getting the Christmas Cakes made and the Christmas pudding mixture ready for steaming.  There is a fourth cake but that is already wrapped up and in a tin!!!  It has been really hectic.  Just now need to make 60 mince pies, 100 Christmas cookies and my special recipe Brandy truffles!!!!!  I will hopefully get some of these done next weekend. 

Treacle has not left my side over the two days I have been baking and I just now have to keep the Boys off the cakes and I will be okay!

DSC04986Also the Christmas gifts I have bought on line are starting to arrive!  I need to get the Christmas wrapping paper out and start wrapping! 

To add to the “Its beginning to look a lot like Christmas”  Movies 24 became Christmas 24 on November 1st!  I will be nagged again by Youngest to get the Christmas music out!  I have contacted my good friend Jayne as we usually have a Girls day out to Nottingham for some Christmas Shopping, to arrange a date!!!! 

Hope your Monday is marvelous.

Hugs, Susie x

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