Oh What A Lazy Two Days!

Youngest is off for the week, so no getting up at the crack of dawn and rushing around to get to school!  Plus we got an extra hour in bed over the weekend with our clocks falling back!  Monday I had to be up early, but Youngest stayed in bed, as our new dishwasher was arriving and the delivery slot was between 7.00 and 11.00am!  They didn’t arrive until 10.00am but I did get a lot of work done, so that was a benefit. 

Needless to say we didn’t get a lot of the jobs done over the weekend as life interrupted again!  However I am determined this week to get things finished.  This morning Youngest came with me to do the grocery shopping and it was great to have a helper!  He has swimming tonight but I am going to sort some jobs out. 

As you may know we live on a hill.  We are near the top so our driveway is flat and our gardens slope but not too steeply.  The houses lower down the hill have very steep drives and gardens.  A couple of weeks ago a house on our side of the road, their car was in the garage on the flat and it rolled out of the garage and down the slope into the house opposite!  Right through the front windows and was three quarters of the way in when it finally stopped!  Fortunately the gentleman who lives there was not at home.  The house is now all boarded up but DH and I were saying it is going to be awful to sort it all out. 

Over the weekend one of the film channels has been taken over by the Harry Potter films and it has been great watching them all again!  Eldest was six when they first came out and has seen them all at the cinema, Youngest was two and as his brother was always talking about Harry Potter it became very much a part of his growing up.  He used to call it Harr Potter!  When Eldest moved to senior school whatever bag Harry had in the films Eldest wanted for school!  Some of them were quite a challenge to find!  I read the books to both boys when they were little and have re-read them again.  They evoke wonderful memories.

In 2012 we visited the studio tour of Harry Potter World and it is amazing.  It is all the sets, props etc that they used in the films.  Well worth a visit if you are ever that way. 

DSC01966The Boys in the Great Hall


All of us in the Mirror DSC02133

A great quote from J.K Rowling DSC02132

Olivdander’s Wand Shop DSC02131

The model of Hogwarts used for the films. DSC02094

Of course they liked Weasley’s shop the best. DSC02056

The Flying Car, if only!!!!!!!! DSC02000

Gryffindor Common Room


Dumbledore’s Office!

Despite being 17 and 13 they really had a blast they just wouldn’t admit it!!!!!! 

Getting ready for Halloween, although Youngest is at a swimming competition all day!  Treacle is loving having Youngest at home all day, especially as she can snuggle for longer in the morning!  I hope your Tuesday is going well.

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “Oh What A Lazy Two Days!

  1. farmquilter

    Looks like you had a great time revisiting the movies/books the boys grew up on! Great pictures!! As much as I love to read, I just could never get into the Harry Potter books. My middle daughter devoured them…she could finish one in a day!! Of course, she didn’t do much but read when she had a new Harry Potter book!! Busy quilting, trying to finish and bind a quilt by Saturday!!

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