Where Do You Stand?

It’s Thursday again!  Where do these weeks go?  Anyway here is a conundrum for today.  Where do you stand on this?  No not actually stand but the word; roofs or rooves?

A very good friend of ours, who is a builder, and I had a discussion about this, I said rooves and he said not its roofs!  Now the English Language as we well know always has its contradictions; sheep is singular and plural although I think we should campaign for the plural to be sheeps, it sounds so good!!!  Hoof becomes hooves, loaf becomes loaves but apparently not roof! 

If you use the dictionary it says that both can be correct and in fact both are used but I think we need a definitive answer.   There was an article in the Daily Telegraph yesterday and it mentioned a roof and several commentators were discussing it and some used roofs and some used rooves.  

So which do you use – Is it roofs or rooves?

Youngest is at the swimming club tonight for coaching and then afterwards is going to a local fair with a friend, who is a girl!  Don’t ask!!!!!  I have been working all day and tomorrow I am doing home jobs and getting things ready for the weekend.  This will be the last one when we don’t have something on before Christmas and there are lots of jobs I need to get done!  Tomorrow is also the last day of this half term and Youngest has a week off and I will be taking advantage of that as well to get some things sorted! 

However we do get a bonus this weekend, an extra hour back!!!! Yeah!!!!!!

The leaves (!) are now falling fast and being kamikaze in the road!  It makes me jump when you see something skipping across the road, thinking it could be a little animal only to find it is a leaf!!!!! 

I think my nerves are shot!

Hope you are having a Happy Thursday!

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Where Do You Stand?

  1. farmquilter

    Roofs if I have to write it, but I probably pronounce it rooves! My spell-checker underlined rooves as being spelled incorrectly LOL! So, there you have it on the authority of spell-checker!! We get another week of daylight savings time over here…I prefer having it light later in the day so I wish we would just stay on DST! I’ll have to be feeding the horses in the afternoon instead of evening if I want there to be light when I sweep and shovel out the barn!!!

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