I Need More Lists!

Yep all the lists I made for the weekend have been re-edited!!!  As I didn’t get a lot done again!!!!  I just need more days in the weekend and more hours in the day!!

This was today!!  Trying to sort out work, jobs, children, house; you know what it’s like but by lunch I was having a mid-Mom Crisis!!!  Grabbed a quick lunch and then got down to work which I managed to get done before I picked Youngest up from school, but whilst waiting for him started to feel nauseous!!  Youngest made me a cup of tea but still not feeling good!  I think we will be eating out of the freezer tonight, something quick which I can throw in the oven that needs no messing and then I am going to have an early night!!!!

This is the book I am reading at the moment and it is really interesting.  It’s about the contribution the WI (Women’s Institute) made to the War Effort during World War II.  It harks back to an era which, although very hard in very many ways, brought communities together and moved women from out of the home and into businesses.  In some ways I feel a little envious of them because it was a simpler way of life, very hard but simple.  If you get a chance read it.

I am off to throw something together for dinner and then I am going to hide in bed!

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “I Need More Lists!

  1. farmquilter

    Sure hope you are back to your happy self tomorrow. Definitely no fun being sick 🙁 I need a calendar minder to keep me from missing important things…our big quilt show for the large guild I belong to in Spokane was this weekend…I completely missed working both Saturday and Sunday because I lost a week of October!! I was so looking forward to going to the quilt show this coming weekend, only to find that I totally blew off all the work I had signed up to help with on Sunday night. So embarrassed and mad at myself!!!

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