Friday Yeah!


We made it to Friday!

But have you noticed how fast Friday comes round?  Then, of course, how quickly it is Monday again?

We will make the most of Friday while it is here. 

I have managed to get all the cleaning done, the washing and ironing done, and grocery shopping!  How about that for making the most of the day!!!  Just need to get the little of bit of paying work done and I am all caught up and can play at the weekend!!!!!!!

Baking, cooking, sewing, that sort of playing!  What did you think I meant!!!!!  Of course that is in between chauffeuring around Youngest to various things!!!!!  Girlfriend is home for a week and a bit as the French schoolchildren are off next week (ours are off the following week!).  So Eldest is happy!

I hope your Friday and Weekend are Wonderful.

Hugs, Susie x


2 thoughts on “Friday Yeah!

  1. farmquilter

    Beautiful picture of the bridge – all dressed in autumn’s finest!! You have been busy!! I drove home Wednesday (12 hours) and only unloaded the interior of the car so the cold stuff could get put away. Yesterday I unloaded my stuffed trunk and put everything away, then did 5 loads of laundry – had to change the sheets on the bed to the flannel ones for winter and loaded the bed with 2 wool blankets and 3 quilts!! It was a bit hard to move last night, but I slept warm!!! Today I’m doing a bit of catch up on the computer and I really need to get upstairs and quilt!!! Being very lazy today!!!!!


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