Thursday! Already?

British LibraryA Throwback Picture of the Boys ten years ago!  This was taken when we went to London for Half Term Week and I took them to the British Library to look at all the wonderful books on display.  This is in the entrance and I wouldn’t have minded taking it home with us.  Perhaps that’s why it has a big chain on it!  Youngest was five and Eldest was nine.

It has been a busy old week and I cannot believe it is Thursday already.  I have been working all day today trying to catch up on work.  Tomorrow I will have to get some house jobs done.  The dishwasher has decided to play up this week but I don’t mind washing pots, I dread it if my washer goes, now that really does make things difficult!  Eldest has called to say that he has managed to break his iPhone (!) and I knew this would happen as he managed to break three iPods he has owned!!!!!  DH is going to sort out the insurance!!!! 

Youngest is getting good results on all his mock tests he is doing which is great and hopefully will set him up well for when he does the actual exams.  He is also in the House Plays at Christmas for school and he has been invited out to one birthday party and one party during the weeks holiday coming up, as well as meeting a friend (girl) at the coffee shop!  I will, of course, be playing chauffeur!!!!!


The weekend is busy, as always, but I am hoping to get some jobs done without distractions!!!!  Including the four Christmas cakes and preparing the Christmas puddings.  Youngest has asked for some mince pies, already?  Yes and he wants me to get the Christmas music out and into the car!!!!!  But I did see an advert on TV for Christmas 24 which starts on November 1st!!!!

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas!


I think I need some more lists!!!!!

Happy Thursday!  Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Gee, thanks! Now you have me thinking about my Christmas list!! I have 26 family members to get gifts for…ugh!!!

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