Christmas & Swimming & Halloween!

The In-House Championships went very well and Youngest got two first and two seconds in his events with two PB’s, so he was really pleased and we are so proud of him.  We didn’t get home as early as we had hoped but not too late to eat.  The second Gala is at the beginning of November when we do it all over again but different distances! 

Sunday DH had to go and help Eldest out as he had managed to pick up a flat tyre! So not so many extra house jobs got done but we did get some gardening done and we did manage to put a net over our little pond to stop the leaves getting into the water. 

I made a start on the Christmas cakes, whilst DH was out, by weighing out all the fruit and dry ingredients and soaking them in the Brandy.


DSC04971Covered to ensure “Long Neck” Treacle does not get any licks in!!!!!! Remember the Chocolate Log from last year?

DSC04973As there was not a lot else I could do, I got my two favourite Christmas books down and with a mug of tea in hand, sat down to plan my other jobs!

Last night was the final Committee Meeting for me of the swimming club.  Next is the AGM and then I have finished and I can honestly say I am not sorry!

DSC04970 DSC04969At the farm they are busy getting ready for Halloween and during the half term school Holiday they are having a ScreamFest for 12 years and over and Youngest is quite keen to go!  This car was at the entrance and was an amazing feature.  Must get our decorations out or it will be Halloween before I know it!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

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