The Wednesday Wag!

DSC03574I am lolling on Mom’s bed this morning as the very noisy man is here cleaning out the gutters and checking the roof!  So Mom said I was best off in her room as the doors and gates are all open and I have been known to escape!

DSC02643The weather has been awful over the last few days and I am getting very tired of being dried every time I come in from outside! Mom’s also given up on mopping the floor until the rain stops as I just bring more and more muddy paw prints in with me.  I don’t know how it happens they just follow me in!

The family are busy over the weekend with the Club’s swimming championships and Youngest is swimming and hopefully Eldest is helping.  Youngest is going for some trophies this year so I am keeping my paws crossed for him.  They are also going to see Evalyn whose 2nd Birthday is next week.

DSC02637I think I am going to stay in the warm in my basket!

Have a very Woofy Wednesday.



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