It’s Friday!

Yep we made it through another week!!!!  What a week!!!!!  The weekend is looking good though!

Now you all know that the new Peanuts movie is out in December and this film is out during the summer next year and I cannot wait to see it.  Do you know I think the children’s films are better than the adults ones sometimes!!!!  Go here and watch the trailer it is so funny :

Busy getting house jobs done today and then finish planning the menu for tomorrow! Also need to get some other things sorted before we go off to Goose Fair tonight!

Also planning on getting some quilting done and sort out the projects I need to finish! 

I have always been a list maker but at this time of year it goes into overdrive!!! Lists of things to do now, things to do for Christmas, things I want to do (!), things to do in the house, things to do in the garden, things to do at work!!  Well you can see where this is going!!!!

It is a sunny day here today but cool, might just have to put the heating on! 

I hope you have a Happy Friday and a great Autumn Weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

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