The Wednesday Wag!

DSC04939I am in the dog house today with Mom!  Dad is away for three days with work and so it is Youngest, Mom and I.  Now I usually sleep in Youngest’s room but last night he said I could stay with Mom on her bed. 

Everything was fine and Mom was asleep when I was sure I heard someone breaking into the house!  So, as Security Officer, I jumped up on the bed and gave my largest, angriest bark I could and ran off the bed, aiming to go through the door and downstairs.  Unfortunately I must have still been a bit asleep as I missed going through the door but hit it with my head and slammed it shut!  Needless to say Mom was awake by this time and well lets just say I was in BIG trouble!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think she has forgiven me as I did get my breakfast this morning but I am not too sure!!!!!!


I think I had better stay outside in the sunshine and keep a low profile today!


Wait was that a noise do I need to get up and bark?  May be not!!!!!!!

Hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday!


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    You did what you’re supposed to do! You heard something go bump in the night and it was your DUTY to alert mom so she could save the family!!! Considering I just watched a TV show about vets and a beautiful German Shepherd died and my little girl isn’t here to comfort me, perhaps mom will give you a hug for me…I need it right now!!!


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