Never Grow Up!

IMG_20150927_152730Whilst we were tidying out the garden shed there is a white box full of toys the Boys used in the sandpit and paddling pool when they were little.  We had a rule that if a toy went outside to be used then it stayed outside in the shed.  We have never got round to removing them so when we were tidying Youngest and Treacle tidied this box.  Well when I say tidying it was playing really!

Boys and Evalyns Toys 3 300815

Boys and Evalyns Toys 1 300815Before they all went back to school/work we went to see Granddaughter Evalyn, Mum and Dad and took our lot with us.  Whilst Evalyn was asleep the Boys took the opportunity of examining all of her toys!  Well when I say examine it was playing really!

Boys and Evalyn 2 300815However when she was awake again they did entertain her outside for a while!

Even when my two are both topping six feet now they can still regress to those wonderful little boys that they were.  Never grow up!!!!!!

Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Never Grow Up!

  1. farmquilter

    What lovely sons you have!! I think we all have a bit of Peter Pan in us and don’t want to completely grow up!!! It bodes well for when they become fathers and will sit on the floor and play with their children – exactly what children need!!! Evalyn is certainly having fun with them!!!

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