Wonderful Autumn Weather!

DSC04947The weather over the weekend was amazing, cool mornings and evenings but at the height of the day it was really warm and just like summer.  I love these Indian Summers!

DH and I managed to get into the garden yesterday and start getting it ready for winter.  Although the weather is nice we decided to store the outside furniture because these days don’t last long and having just cleaned them all didn’t want to have to do the job again!  We got the borders at either side of the steps tidied and we still have some more work to do and hopefully the next few weekends will still be nice.

DSC04946The two large pots will have some winter pansies in soon when I make a trip to the garden centre and the small pot is used for our Bonfire Night fireworks as a stand!!!!!

DSC04945As you can see Treacle has really enjoyed the warm sun!  In fact I had a job to get her in so I could go and collect Youngest from school!!!!  A small biscuit did it!!!!!

DSC04944Some of the bushes behind Treacle need trimming so that will be the next job.  We also got the Boys Den and the shed cleared out and tidied so am really pleased with the progress. 

DH enjoyed the Harvest Dance event of Saturday evening comparing the various things, I spent the evening ironing as Youngest was out at his friends Birthday event, a water park!!!!!!  He had a great time too.

This week will be busy as DH is away for three days on business so I am on all the swimming runs.  I am still trying to carve out some time to do some quilting but there really are not enough hours in the day!

UK: The vibrant supermoon rises above the Stuart mansion of Bolsover Castle near Chesterfield in Derbyshire last night

This is the moon behind Bolsover Castle in Derbyshire, a great pictgure! (from the Daily Mail newspaper today  copyright : rossparry.co.uk/Tom Maddick)

Totally missed the Blood Moon and Eclipse last night as here in the UK we would not see it until 1.32am on-wards and no way could I stay up before a school day!!!!!!  I believe it was spectacular and you could see it in the UK because usually it is cloudy/raining/foggy etc!!!!!

Hope your Monday is sunny.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Wonderful Autumn Weather!

  1. farmquilter

    Saw the eclipse last night here as well – not a cloud in the sky!!! It was amazing and the perfect birthday gift to me!! It has been beautiful here as well – I also love the Indian Summers – but I have been chained to the kitchen to bake all the cookies for the wedding rehearsal dinner coming up this Friday night!!! But I really enjoy taking a bit of a break and sitting on the front porch to enjoy the warmth of the sun…rather like Treacle!!! Your garden looks beautiful – perfect for an afternoon tea out there in the autumn sun!!!

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