What is  A Committee?

  • C = Crabby
  • O = Obstreperous
  • M = Miserable
  • M = Moody
  • I =  Irritating
  • T = Timewasting
  • T = Truculent
  • E = Exasperating
  • E = End

The only way to describe the last few days whilst I have been trying to get all the paperwork organised and issued for the Swimming Committee AGM at the beginning of November!  I asked one question which only needed a simple yes or no answer and the Vice Chairman and I have spent the last two days responding to at least thirty emails yesterday and ten today arguing over something which is a non-issue!!!!!

Needless to say I will not be staying on the Committee after this AGM as Secretary!  I have been on lots of different Committees over the years, things to do with the Boys, things for myself and never have I had this level of stress from any of the others as I have had with this! 

Of course whilst responding to these silly emails I have not got other jobs done, including my real work and house jobs!  So they will have to be done tomorrow now and what I was supposed to do tomorrow I will have to try and fit in at the weekend!!!!!  Roll on November 2nd!

In other news I have managed to sort out my quilting projects that need completing which was a nice job to do! 

Speaking of Snoopy I saw this on Madame Samm’s Blog tand just had to do it!:

profile-picture-1443085100Are you a Nut in as a PeaNut?  This is what I would be like if I was in the Peanut movie, out in the UK on December 21st!!!  You can see what you would look like as a Peanut character by following this link :

Have a go it’s real fun and as you know I love Snoopy.  When I was a little girl growing up we had a Beagle whose name was Jason and since then I have always loved Snoopy and Peanuts.  Can’t wait for the movie.

I hope your Thursday was more productive than mine!

Hugs, Susie x

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