He Did Great!

The weather was good for Youngest’s first Triathlon, it was sunny first thing but had clouded over by the time he started.  His swim was obviously his strength and he did 400m in 00:06.52 which is slower than normal as they did not have anti-wave ropes in!  He then jumped out of the pool and ran off to get on the bike.  DSC04930I managed to get out of the grounds where the Transition space was to see him riding up hill (he is on the inside) and I then decided to go back to where the transition area was to see him come in on his bike and start out on the run.  Well I waited and waited and waited and no Youngest, by which time I am starting to panic!  I found a marshal and explained he had not come in, he found another marshal and we were just about to moblise when he came in!  His chain had come off on the bike and he had to repair it so was late!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Oh the relief!!!!!!

He set off on the run but this meant that he was the last runner in but he did 400m Swim, 18k Bike ride and 5k run in 1:33.06 which is a good time and he came 362 out of 443!  We are so proud of him carrying on after the difficulties on the Bike section and he completed it.  He, of course, was not happy with his time but that’s a teenager!!!!!


Coming through the Finish line!

However I think I have a few more grey hairs after yesterday!!!!!

Friday night we had a good evening at the charity ball and they raised over £8,000 for the local Hospice.  Saturday the swimming gala went well and they came third.

All in all a very successful but tiring weekend.  Hope your weekend went well.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    That is so scary when the kiddos don’t arrive when they are supposed to and our mom-imagination kicks into high gear!!! So glad it was just a technical difficulty!!! Busy weekend for you, for sure. I got to go to a bridal shower on Saturday for my future DIL and everyone seems to be looking forward to getting this wedding over!! Weddings seem to bring out the best and the worst in people, that is for sure. Glad I’m rather on the sidelines from now on!!!

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