We Are Back!

Carn Lodge View North WestWe have actually been back for two weeks but it has taken me that long to catch up with everything!  Sometimes I wonder if it is worth going away!!!!!!  It was though as we had a great time.

Above is the view from the cottage, which was constantly changing from hour to hour, day to day.  We had amazing weather and only a couple of days of showery rain which did not stop us getting out and about.

DSC04879 DSC04878We had a family of Grouse visiting us and they were so funny to watch.

DSC04887 DSC04888The view again on a spectacular day.

DSC04899 DSC04898 DSC04896 DSC04895 DSC04894 DSC04893We visited the Wildlife Park and met some of the residents.  Youngest had a great day.

DSC04900Traveling over the Causeway at Cromarty

DSC04902A misting morning, a hint of Autumn to come.

DSC04903 DSC04905 DSC04904Lots of deliveries in the area for the wind turbines being erected.

DSC04908 DSC04911 DSC04910One of the roads leading to the cottage.

DSC04907 DSC04906The heather just beginning to bloom.

DSC04912The morning we left to come home.

DH did some work while we were away and Youngest got to go with him on the two business trips, I got some sewing done, which I will hopefully be able to show you finished soon, and we did have a lovely time. 

I hope you enjoyed a small tour of The Highlands where we were.

Hugs, Susie x

3 thoughts on “We Are Back!

  1. farmquilter

    How beautiful!!! So glad you had a great time and are home safely…even with all you have to do to get everything back to normal!! I bet Treacle was pleased to see her family home again, but I’m sure she was spoiled whilst away at the doggie spa!! Loving your pictures – especially the road that goes right through the creek! What fun…looks so peaceful. My quilting buddies are in Scotland right now and their pictures always show everyone bundled up in winter coats!! They stayed at a B&B on their way up to Scotland and they had to wait for the tide to go out before they could continue their journey – what a kick!! So very different from the extremely dry, smoky weather I’m having here – over 600,000 acres of forest, farms and towns have burned so far and the fires continue to rage on. Thankfully they are 80 miles (or so) from me.

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