Quilt Show NEC Birmingham!

winners plaza 2

Warning Picture Heavy Post!!!!!

Jayne and I spent the day at the NEC yesterday for the start of the Festival of Quilts.  I have never been on a Thursday before and because it was opening day it was very, very busy!!!!  We started the day looking at all the quilts which had been entered for the competitions and I have lots of pictures below, but one thing we both noticed was how dark in colour and view many of the quilts were!  My own personal choice is traditional quilts which are colourful.  I think the art quilts and picture quilts are amazing and the time and effort put in by the quilt maker is amazing but again some of them were really dark.

As you know I only take pictures of the quilts I love so here are the ones which I loved this year.

DSC04850Love this one for all the hard work and the colours were stunning

DSC04877You know we love dogs and this was amazing

DSC04876Christmas comes early.

DSC04875Loved this quilt.

DSC04874This quilt is by Sheena Norquay who I met at Quilt Club and I loved it.  I would have loved to take this home.

DSC04873The full quilt

DSC04872Love this, the hours which the quilter must have spent!

DSC04871A very cute children’s quilt.

DSC04870This was in the Miniature Quilt display and I am so envious of how they did this and these colours really speak to me.

DSC04869The full miniature quilt.

DSC04868More birds.

DSC04867This was a massive quilt and very small sections.  I wouldn’t have the patience but it was great.

DSC04866This quilt was made from scraps of fabrics bought, begged and found from the quilters family.

DSC04864Love the nautical theme of this quilt.

DSC04863I seem to go for all the animal quilts. 

DSC04862More animals.

DSC04861Bear paws, stunning I wanted to take this home as well.

DSC04860This was incredible; six separate quilts when put together to make the whole quilt!

DSC04859My favourite block; Log Cabin quilt.

DSC04858This was another favourite.

DSC04857DSC04856The time it must have taken to do this as the flowers were all done individually with material and small pieces.

DSC04855Another winter stitchery and it really stood out being black and white.

DSC04854DSC04853Love the blues and creams of this quilt.

DSC04852Not so keen on the red but it made a stunning statement.

DSC04851I think this is my favourite of them all, well maybe, oh now I don’t know!!!!

Whilst we were walking round the vendors I bumped into DH’s cousin who also does patchwork but generally hexagons.  She makes some stunning items and has a lot of patience, something I don’t have.  I have tried making hexies but they drove me mad!!!!!!  It was lovely to see her and catch up.

We got there for 9.00am and left at 4.00pm and Jayne and I were both shattered, but really enjoyed the day.  Jayne got a cutting mat and when we both get back from vacation we will be going to the local quilt shop for her to get some other bits.  She also bought a pattern to make with the fabric I bought her for her Birthday, so I will show you her progress.

Must dash now as I have to pack for our vacation, can’t wait.  Hope you are all having a wonderful Friday.

Hugs, Susie x

4 thoughts on “Quilt Show NEC Birmingham!

  1. farmquilter

    Thanks for sharing all the pictures from the Birmingham Quilt Show! I was there just 2 years ago and had the time of my life!!! And my friends are heading back to England for a driving tour of Scotland at the end of this month. That show is simply AMAZING!!! And one day is definitely NOT enough time to get to see all the quilts as well as all the vendors! Have a cuppa, pack and head out for holiday, Susie!!!

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