The Wednesday Wag!

Mom’s busy today getting things ready for our vacation and everything of mine is being washed, including Teddy!  I am hiding at the moment in case Mom decides to wash me!!!!! (No Treacle I don’t have time to wash you, but you could do with it!!!)

Mom has also been watching the Swimming World Championships in Kazan, Russia whilst she has been working and tomorrow morning in the heats is one of our Swimming Club Members, Molly Renshaw, and she will be swimming in the 200m Breaststroke.

I personally don’t like getting wet, unless it is on my Spa day, but then I have two ladies doing my spa treatments and a nice warm cabinet in which to dry, now that I don’t mind!!!!

DSC04809It’s been raining again today but it is still mild but no sunshine.  Mom let me have the door open for a while but then said it was getting cold!!!!  Can’t win, I love the sunshine best.

DSC03298This is also what Mom’s been up to, washing everything in sight that they will need on vacation!!!  I am helping of course by keeping track of the washing!!!!!

I hope you are having a happy Woofy Wednesday


1 thought on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Looks like you are feeling better – so glad!! I was feeling your pain for you the other day…I threw up (first time ever)…mom grabbed me and ran for the back door but she was too slow and I nailed the carpet by the back door! Only water, so it was easy to clean up, but I felt kinda punk all the rest of that day. I’m all better now too! Sure wish you could come over and play in the sunshine here at the farm – you would love it! Especially now that the winds have calmed and all the smoke from the fires burning all over the state isn’t paying us a visit. Woof, Tara

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