Slow Thursday!

This has been our sky today!  Which is great for the children!  Youngest and I got up late and had a lazy day today.  Treacle is still on her small portion diet and has had scrambled eggs today and this afternoon a few of her normal food biscuits mixed in.  At the moment, and I am not saying this too loud, she is okay!!!! Fingers crossed.

After finishing my work I sat outside on our bench by our back door reading my book.  It was lovely and warm and an ideal way to spend an hour or two, or three or four!!!!!!!  Shush don’t tell anyone!!!

I have got one of my super secret quilts finished, just need to tidy the edges up and then get it sandwiched.  Will try and get some pictures tomorrow.  Speaking of tomorrow I have house jobs to do but am intending  getting them done early so I can get on with my quilt.  Love the summer when I have more time for quilting things.

Hope your Thursday is good.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Slow Thursday!

  1. farmquilter

    Not a cloud in the sky here…supposed to hit 100 this afternoon, so I am spending the morning sitting in my friend’s back yard bumming her internet. Need to go back a day and check up on Treacle!!

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