The poor school children, a second day of rain and cool temperatures!  Youngest and I were all set to have a lie in when Treacle was sick again, this time in Youngest’s bedroom.  So off to the vets we went with her. 

DSC04353Thing is she is fine in herself, quite happy playing with Youngest, very keen on her food, not drinking anymore than normal.  In fact our poor vet, who is newly qualified, is baffled and so is her mentor (Treacle’s usual vet) too!!!!!  So she had another thorough examination and nothing untoward so she got an anti-sickness jab (!) and she is on a starvation day today and then tomorrow she is having her special “mush” diet for two days, very small meals often, and then see how she is on Friday!  Oh my!

Today the school things arrived which is great as I can get Youngest’s name sewn in to them before we go away. 

Tomorrow the weather is supposed to be better and we may go out somewhere if he can decide what he would like to do.  Usually the first week is a chill week as it has been so busy running up to the end of term.  I got my work done and so this afternoon I did some more quilting on my super secret quilts!  Shush don’t tell anyone!!!!!

I hope your Tuesday is going well and warmer than here!

Hugs, Susie x

PS I managed to get my Blog looking like I want it now!!!!  Computers!!!!

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  1. Mitch and Molly

    Oh no – poor Treacle! We hope you are feeling better today!
    Our mom used to have a Singer sewing machine like that one. It belonged to her great aunt. She’s been downsizing (or trying to) lately, and she gave it to her cousin – the great aunt’s granddaughter. Carrie was just thrilled with it☺

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