The Wednesday Wag!

I have been poorly sick over the last week!  I had been eating grass the day before I was due to get my booster shots at my Doctors.  My Doctor gave me a thorough physical and pronounced I was A-Ok, but a couple of days after I was sick a few times. 

Anyhoo Mom has been making me special breakfasts and dinners of something she calls “mush”!  It is a lovely dish, in fact I really like this mush!  Anyway yesterday Mom said I looked brighter and I did feel better and today Mom says I am almost back to normal!! 

Of course that means I have done nothing over the last week, including the weekend.  Mom thinks it may be a combination of the heat, a little bug and getting my shots! 

We are all going on vacation soon and I have been sorting out my toys and Mom is making sure that my beds I take with me and everything is all clean.  I can’t wait.  Also Youngest finishes school for the summer tomorrow, yeah.

Hope you are having a healthy Woofy Wednesday.


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