Two More Days To Go!

Only two days left before Schools out for Summer!!!!!

Trying to get Youngest up in the morning now is like trying to get limpets off the rocks!!!!  The little sucker will not get out of bed!!!  I went in twice today to tell him to get in the shower and he was still quite happily snuggled in bed!  Friday which is the first day of the holidays I am planning on doing nothing as he won’t be up before 11.00am!


I still have lots to do of course and am trying to fit in as much as possible before the end of Thursday.  Today I visited a venue for our small pool swimmers for their party, which is held in November each year.  I know it seems a ridiculous amount of time away but the invitations go out the second week they are back at school in the Autumn and it will soon be here.


One of my jobs tonight is sort out my stash and get things tidy in their boxes as the service man is coming to service our boiler tomorrow and the boxes are all over the room he needs to be in!!! 

Here is a question for all my Quilty friends; Do you over make on your quilt bindings?  I always do because I am so scared of getting half way round and running out!  I seem to have a box full of just bindings, but it did come in use the other day when I used some of the left over binding to complete a project!

I hope your Tuesday is going well and to the person who asked if Snoopy was sipping beer from yesterday, yes but it is Root Beer!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Two More Days To Go!

  1. farmquilter

    I try to over-make on the binding…had to add a piece when I guessed too short! I just keep sewing all the end pieces together…I can either make a Jelly Roll Race quilt or have lots of binding for my scrappy quilts. Hate not having internet at home…I have to drive to town and bum a friend’s connection. The joys of sitting in her back yard in the afternoons or late at night, but I really feel cut off without internet, so in to town I come every couple of days. So glad your holidays with Youngest start soon!! Short-timer’s attitude is difficult! I always found the first few weeks of school after the 2.5 month summer break was really hard on all of us!


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