Busy Weekend!

It was a busy weekend with us as always.  Did I tell you that Youngest has a job at the weekend?  No, well he is working one day at the weekend in the Butchery department at Croots Farm Shop!  Isn’t it strange how the World Works?  This is the Saturday Job that his Dad, DH, did when he was Youngest’s age and his Grandad on his Dad’s side was a Master Butcher and had his own shop! 

He has been training over the last few weeks and will continue until we go away on vacation and then will start properly when we get back.  He is loving it, although is very tired when he gets home!!!!!  “Working is hard” was his assessment after his first day!  Yep agree with that.

The Boys and DH were due to get haircuts on Saturday but our hairdresser’s daughter was up all night poorly so she cancelled, which meant we had more of the day to do jobs, which we took advantage of.  The weather was wonderful and I can honestly say I have really enjoyed the summer this year.  DH was out on Saturday evening and I took advantage to get some quilting done.

DSC04846 DSC04848 DSC04847Making progress.  This is the first of my two super secret quilts that I am trying to get done before we go away in three weeks time.

DSC04849Also finished this but can’t show you too much about this until after we get back.  All will be explained!!!!!

Yesterday I had some things to sort out for swimming and then I got on with my quilting again.  I still have a long list of jobs to do but I am determined to get them done this summer.  We also need to arrange some visits and also get the family round for dinner which, again I need to sort out before summers end but again I am determined I will get it done.

This is the last week of school and everyone is ready for Thursday, which is the last day!  I have a lot of cleaning to do before then as I usually get everything bottomed before they are off and then do the same again when they go back.  Six week holiday here we come!

Happy Monday.

Hugs, Susie x

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