Running on Lack of Sleep!


I managed to get into bed early last night and was asleep by 10.00pm.  At 1.00am I woke up as I had cramp in my left foot and I wasn’t even lying on that side!!!!  Well I could not get rid of it!  I stretched, I massaged the foot, I got up and walked about and it was still hurting!!!!  So once I was up a trip to the bathroom and then a trip downstairs for a cup of tea and then back up stairs and of course by this time I was wide awake!!!! Needless to say DH was fast asleep 🙁

I watched a TV programme, Castle, which I like and find easy to watch and then I watched Hannibal (!) still confused!!!!  and when that was finished I began reading!  I was still awake at 4.00am when the birds were getting up!!! Then I fell asleep for an hour and was then up to get showered and start the day.

It is now 4.30pm here and I am now running on fumes and feel really tired!!!!!!!  Why!!!!!!

If you remember from an earlier post I was taking part in Summer 2015 Book Challenge which I have failed at miserably!!!!  It really is not a good month for me reading as we have been so busy with all our activities and the book I am reading which is one of the books I chose,  is really hard going. I usually read lots when we go away on holiday and I have some book tokens which I am going to use to get some books for our holiday, so maybe I will catch up then!!!!!

Today has been house job day and grocery shopping and when I have taken Youngest to swimming club I am going to abandon him tonight and come home to bed and DH will collect him on his way home from Wales!

I hope your Thursday is better than mine.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. Mitch and Molly

    How funny – our mom didn’t get much sleep last night either. About a week ago, fireworks went off and Molly jumped up on the bed, which is totally out of character for Molly. Unfortunately, she landed on Mom’s chest and arm and mom is sporting bruises and a sore chest so peaceful sleeping hasn’t been happening for a few nights and as luck would have it, she finally got to sleep last night and dreamed that Molly slipped out the back door and left home, which is a total nightmare in mom’s book!
    We hope both moms get plenty of beauty sleep tonight, Treacle!

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