Two Of Those Days!

Yesterday I thought we were starting the week okay but it disappeared in a cloud of work and errands and a swimming committee meeting, yuck!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Today I was determined to get my work done and jobs completed when I had a call to say Eldest was not well and he had come home from work!  So off I go to see him and he is okay but needs to see the Doctor and we could not get an appointment until tomorrow!  So I gave him some suggestions and of course did he take them, no!  When they were little you would tell them something and they would listen to you but now he is almost twenty, he knows best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Grrr!!!!!!!  I find it really hard sometimes to temper the Mom’s concern and wanting to help and keep them safe to letting him make his own decisions!!!!! 

I got home at lunch and manged to get my work done, so tonight I have a basket of ironing to do and then things to sort out before tomorrow morning and the visit to the Doctors!!!!!

Quilting you ask?  Hmm  no chance over the weekend!!!!  Perhaps this weekend!!!!

I hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

DSC04618This has been Treacle’s main position all day!!!!!

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