The Wednesday Wag – My Happiest Eight

Eight Happy Pictures!

It is Wednesday Wag today and I am joining with my good friends, Mitch & Molly ( at their Blog to post Eight Happy Pictures.  These are mine :

DSC04102This is me with my favourite toy, Teddy.  I really love Teddy and he makes me Happy!


Like Molly, I love tennis balls.  Here I am ready for Santa Claus with my tennis ball ready.

DSC02529My Basket also makes me Happy.  It is very comfortable.

DSC00624Here I am with My Boys and Snow.  They make me Happy and I love snow!

IMG_1301With my Sissy, Kelly, and I when I was a baby. 

DSC03887I love being in my garden, that makes me really Happy

DSC03004I got First Place at the Dog Show last year, that made me Happy!

IMG_1373Mom says this one makes her Happy.  Kelly and I sat on the top step together looking up into the garden.

I loved looking at all the pictures Mom showed me for this post, so thanks to Mitch, Molly and their friend Dory for suggesting it.  I hope you are having a Wonderful Woofy Wednesday.


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  1. Mitch and Molly

    We LOVE all of your happy pictures, Treacle – especially the one with your Santa cap on and your tennis ball in your mouth☺ Thank you so much for playing along. You were sure one cute puppy!

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