Oh What A Week!

DSC04815As from my previous posts we had already had a busy week with Youngest at work experience and the various Carnival events happening.  We got to Friday and Youngest was asked to do the Lifeguard training at the end of his shift on the Friday so he was an hour and half later than he should have been.  It also saw some of the things being erected for Carnival Day on the Saturday, including the helter skelter.  The truck to the right of it is an organ and sounded wonderful.

Saturday morning at 2.40am water came down!  You couldn’t call it rain, it was like someone was emptying buckets of water!!!  It was also thundering and lightening.  So I got up and closed the windows a little and brought Treacle into our room, she was not happy!  We were all then up at 6.00am to start getting everything ready.  As you can see from the picture above all was quiet.

DSC04816Things appearing, as if by magic!

DSC04817Getting ready, wait for it!

DSC04823Starting to get busy, the smoke you can see in the left of the picture is the BBQ

DSC04824The parade just arriving on the park bringing with it an enormous amount of people.

DSC04825The Old Orleans Band who had brought the parade into the park.

DSC04826The tractor was pulling the Queen & Attendants Float

DSC04827More floats arriving on the park

That was all the time I had to take pictures because as soon as everyone arrived on the park DH, Eldest, Youngest, Girlfriend and I never stopped for the next three hours!  In fact I don’t know where the time went, it was organised chaos!!!!!  It was also very, very hot again!  Girlfriend and I decamped to home at about 7.00pm to get dinner ready and The Boys walked in at 9.30pm!  It was a great day but we were all so tired.


We were all up again at 6.00am to get to the Leisure Centre for our Swimming Open on Sunday!!!!!  Yes it is never dull or quiet in our home!!!!!  Needless to say  the day went well, after we got over a few minor technical hitches in the morning and the swimmers were doing well.  We got to lunch fairly unscathed and started the afternoon session after lunch, the day was very, very hot and we got to about 2.40pm when the heavens opened again and all the lights in the pool area went out!  We had two events left to run but of course could not have the swimmers in the pool until the lights came back on, which they did after half an hour!!!!!!!!  We finished at 5.00pm and we all got back around 7.00pm.  None of us were late in bed last night!!!

This week is another big week with various things happening so I am looking forward to next Sunday when we are doing nothing and going nowhere!!!!!!!!

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend.

Hugs, a very tired Susie!!!!! x

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