What Day Of The Week Is It?


This is Treacle not wanting to be inside but watching the thunder spots outside, at least she knows to stay in when it is raining, unlike our previous Airedales who used to just stand outside getting very wet!

This is where Youngest has been all week on Work Experience and today was the last day.  It is about three quarters of an hour away from our home but to get there you have to go through Matlock Bath and Matlock itself which are two tourist towns.  The 7.00am bit has been fine but going to fetch him at 2.30pm has been interesting getting through all the holiday traffic.  It has been another warm and sunny day here so there were lots of people out and about. 

He has thoroughly enjoyed the week, learning new things and getting to do jobs around the centre.  He even go to do some swimming teaching, which he is learning to do at the swimming club.  I do know that he is very tired and tomorrow and Sunday are going to be busy too, so by the time he goes to school on Monday he will be done in.  Early night Monday me thinks!!

One bonus of him being at The Arc is that it is just down the road from my favourite quilt shop, Heirs & Graces, so I popped in there before I collected him today.

DSC04811This is going to be for my next project, which will be a quilt for Girlfriend as she is going away in September to France for a year to do with her University course.  She loves Hot Pink and also the Cath Kidston range which the flower material is very like.

Tomorrow it is this, big Carnival Day and we are hoping that the weather stays warm and sunny, they have forecast thunder storms overnight again!  We will all be up early, especially me as I am making breakfast before we go and tonight I will be making dinner for tomorrow as well, so it can just go in the oven when we get in.

I hope your Friday is going well and you have a wonderful warm weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “What Day Of The Week Is It?

  1. farmquilter

    Crazy week for your family, for sure!! Have a blast at Carnival and don’t work too hard!! My daughter popped over last night at 8:30 and we made 30 breakfast burritos for her camping trip this weekend (browned sausage, scrambled eggs and cheese). She even washed all the dishes while I dried (she thinks everything should go into the dishwasher, but that doesn’t happen at Papa’s house)! Still moving things around at my dad’s office to get everything out of the common areas…comes home or we figure out how to get it in his office, so far. I’m afraid some stuff needs to go to a storage unit, but huge strides have been made this week, despite the 100+ degree temperatures and the thunder storms that come every afternoon! I have even lost a few pounds and gained some muscle in my arms from lifting file boxes filled with files and the file cabinets too!!

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