Carnival Dog Show!

Last night we had our registration evening for the Carnival Dog Show which is next Monday evening (with all our fingers and toes crossed that it will be a sunny evening as we are outside!!!!) 

We have twenty dogs registered for all sorts of categories but the one that seems most popular is Dog and Owner lookalike!!!!  Treacle will not be entering this year as DH and I are running the event with grateful help from some others and Youngest is on work experience all next week and he won’t be finishing until half way through the Dog Show, so Eldest is going to collect him for us! 

Hopefully I will have some pictures to show you next week. 

Everything is gearing up for the start of Carnival this coming Sunday and for the whole week and we also have our swimming open on the Sunday after Carnival day so it is going to be a hectic, frantic few weeks.  I think I need to get my darkened room sorted so I can go and lie down when it all gets too much!!!!!

DSC04377As you can see Treacle is really stressed about the busy weeks ahead!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope your Tuesday is shaping up well

Hugs, Susie xx

2 thoughts on “Carnival Dog Show!

  1. farmquilter

    Left my daughter’s house yesterday at 8:15 AM, got to my dad’s house at 12:30 AM this morning and I slept until 10!!! I did all the driving (I’m a control freak that way), so I was really tired. Now I am helping my dad move the old files out of his office space (he sold the building and is trying to retire, since he turned 94 last week)…and in less than 2 weeks I’ll be sending my daughter off to Hawaii for at least 3 years! I wish I was with you are the carnival!!! I’m looking forward to seeing your pictures as I bum an internet connection from the neighbors! Getting a bit chill here on their porch, so I’m heading back across the street and going to bed!!!

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