Well we made it through the week and yes it is Friday!!!!!!


It has been one of those weeks here, where everything which was planned didn’t happen and things I didn’t plan did!!!!!  However we are hoping that the weekend is going to be better.

The weather definitely is as it is supposed to be warm and sunny so that is definitely a bonus.  Youngest is swimming tomorrow evening in a gala for the club and I am planning to do the ironing whilst he and DH are out!  Do you remember when you were younger and you used to be out on a Saturday evening doing fun things!!!!!!!!


Sunday is a “chill” day and if the weather is good we are going to get out with Treacle for a long walk.  There are always jobs to do around the home and garden but sometimes you just have to not do them and get out!  Well that is my excuse anyway.  The house jobs haven’t got done this week because of work and other things so I am planning to do them early Saturday morning.  You feel great when they are all done but a week goes by and it all needs doing again!

I hope everyone is having a Fabulous Friday and a Great Weekend!

Hugs, Susie x

DSC04400Treacle’s started the Weekend already!

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  1. farmquilter

    Have a wonderful, sunny weekend and may all your plans for the coming week fall right into place!!!

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