The Wednesday Wag!

DSC03825It actually feels like summer today and Mom has let me have the door open all day so I can run in and out as I please!  I love summer when I can do this.

DSC03657Of course the summer weather brings out all sorts of animals, including the birds who visit the garden for the seeds which Mom and Dad put out.  My next door neighbours are three cats and in the warm weather they sleep on the roof of their conservatory and I can see them, but I cant get to them!!!!  Here I am watching them sunbathing!

DSC01892After a while I get tired of watching those darn cats do nothing so I decided to have a sleep myself on my deck.  Of course if I could only jump off the deck onto their conservatory roof, then I could get at those pesky cats!!

Mom says hopefully if the weekend is nice we may go for an extra, extra, extra long walk with Dad and Youngest, so I am keeping my paws crossed for good weather.

I hope you are having a wonderfully warm Woofy Wednesday


2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Lucky you, getting to snooze in the sun!! It is gray overcast here and the moving packers are here again for the second day…tomorrow the house will be empty except for blow-up beds! Sita is lucky, she is coming home with mom and me for a couple of weeks. When we come back, we’ll be driving to Nevada so Sita can fly with her mom, dad and cat to Hawaii…I won’t see her for three years! Love, Tara

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