DSC04558Whilst Youngest was off last week on holiday we did his Third Drive.  We started this with Eldest where they get to drive round an area at the racetrack and learn how to operate the car,  manoeuvre around obstacles, reverse etc.  Basically everything you learn when you learn to drive but at a younger age (we can’t start learning to drive in the UK until we are 17). 

DSC04568Youngest Driving

Eldest found this a real help when he did start learning to drive properly, so we have carried on with Youngest.  He had a great day.  So this was his Third Drive and with that he got to do two laps of the track!

DSC04569Getting in to do his two laps.

IMG_20150527_103253On the track.


Afterwards we went for Pizza and then to visit DH’s Aunt in our hometown, Nottingham.  A great day.  His next drive, next year, will be the Fourth when he gets an hour on the skid pan which he is really looking forward to.  However it will only be a few months after that when he starts to learn to drive for real, oh my!!!!!!

IMG_0305Where did the time go?  This was on his sixth birthday.  Oh I wish………….

Hope you are having a thrilling Tuesday.

Sniffley Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Driving!

  1. farmquilter

    Oh, I want to do that!!! Looks like fun and I might get more comfortable driving on the left side of the road!!! And just maybe, maybe, I’ll stop turning on the wipers every time I want to use the turn indicator!!! What is a “skid pan”? I was blessed with teaching my daughters how to drive when they were 15 1/2…scary!!!!!!!!! I am observing the kitchen packer from the couch and reading blogs…repeat tomorrow, then the wood crates will be packed with the boxes and loaded on the truck that will take it to the shipping container to go on a cruise!

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