The Wednesday Wag!

DSC04537Mom, I thought it was supposed to be Spring?            It is Treacle, why?

Because it is very cold and raining constantly!             Well that is the thing about living here in England, it can be cold and very wet even in May!

DSC04539Please can I go out and play now?         Not yet Treacle it is still raining!

DSC04554Okay I will just have to play inside today!

DSC04555Right first will be my tennis ball!

DSC04556Oh look the TV is on, anything good on Mom?

Treacle you are as bad as The Boys for watching TV!!!!!!!

IMG_20150519_125748_panoramaOkay I think I will now have a quick snooze before my Lunchtime biscuit! 

Hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday, Treacle

2 thoughts on “The Wednesday Wag!

  1. farmquilter

    Looks to be another sunny day here in Washington, Treacle! Why don’t you come over for a visit? My mom has to go out of town today…her computer won’t turn on so she is using her old one that is really slow and she has no patience for it, so she has to go on a trip to get a new one. Come play with me!!! Tara

  2. Mitch and Molly

    Can we come over and play ball with you, Treacle? Pretty please? Mom and dad are working outside and they went out the door and left us inside and we are bored to pieces!

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