Spring? Yes but Cold!

DSC04522Yesterday I promised to show you the garden as it is waking up from Winter.  This is the cherry tree at the top of our garden in full flower now.  Today the weather has been lovely and sunny but quite cold again.

DSC04523My Christmas Rose which is getting bigger each year, a shame it has no perfume.

DSC04524This is our Wisteria which is slowly coming out.

DSC04525The Bluebells are about ready to flower.

DSC04527These are self sets in the patio, by my bench outside the back door!  I will transfer them into the flower beds when I get time!

DSC04526Of course Treacle was outside while I was, playing with one of her hundred odd Tennis balls!!!

I did some work this morning, but this afternoon made a start on the ironing basket and have finished most of it thankfully.  Need to get on with the baby quilt asap or else the baby will be here before I know it!!!!

Hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Spring? Yes but Cold!

  1. farmquilter

    Your garden is so lovely! I wish mine would magically look like that! I am allergic to pretty much everything in my garden, so mowing the lawn is as much as I do. When I weed the flower beds, my hands and arms are covered in red, itchy welts, my eyes weep and swell, and my nose becomes a faucet. Overcast, windy and cold with rain forecast for later here in Washington.


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