Monday Mayhem!

Friday night DH, Youngest and I went to see this.  It was great but so sad at the end!!!  I don’t think there was a dry eye in the cinema, certainly from the ladies who were there!  Loved the song at the end, Wiz Kalifa ft. Charlie Puth song “See You Again”.  It is currently top of the charts here.

We made a start on this, over the weekend.  Spring cleaning that is!!!! DH helped out with moving the furniture and reaching all the areas I couldn’t!!!! 

I did manage to get the baby quilt sandwiched and just now need to sit down and quilt it.  The baby is due next month!!!!!

At 5.30am this morning our burglar alarm went off!!!!!  No not a burglar but a faulty sensor.  However, and this never normally happens, it was due for its six month service and the engineer was coming later on!  Amazing!  Anyway he checked the whole system and replaced the faulty sensor, so hopefully it won’t be going off again!!!!!

Treacle has had a busy day as she was outside all the three hours the engineer was here and it was very sunny and warm.  I am hoping to get some pictures of the garden whilst it is in its Spring finery.  Tonight I have another basket of ironing, I am sure they breed by themselves!!!!

I hope you are all having a Marvelous Monday!

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “Monday Mayhem!

  1. farmquilter

    Well, I’d say that no one in your house needed an alarm clock this morning!!! The shock of that noise certainly gets the adrenaline flowing fast and chases the sleepies away! I remember when I was in Florida at my daughter’s apartment, someone thought it would be fun to pull the fire alarm…twice! Once at about 3 AM and another about 5 AM. Jolting out of bed and trying to stuff a distraught cat into a carrier and a dog in another so I could get them out safely…what a pain! Really frustrating and makes me glad she doesn’t live there any more!!! Good for you on getting into the spring cleaning…I’m doing that at home too, but I’m at daughter’s house for a bit over a week, so I get to sew up a storm!

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