Final Holiday Pictures

DSC04501Corinne & Gordon’s home on a beautiful spring afternoon with two of their dogs, Bella & Bruar

DSC04502Bruar is the one with the stick, Bella standing at the side

DSC04503With the nicer weather of course, comes the mowing of the grass!  Gordon on his ride on mower!

DSC04504These guys live in the old sleepers which border the garden plants, he is out sunning himself. 

One of our visits was to Bordeaux, more wine!!!!  Very much a city compared to everywhere else we visited and having spent quite a few days in the countryside it was strange to be back in a bustling city.

DSC04480Cathédrale Saint-André de Bordeaux

The Cathedral was consecrated by Pope Urban II in 1096. Of the original Romanesque edifice, only a wall in the nave remains. The Royal Gate is from the early 13th century, while the rest of the construction is mostly from the 14th-15th Centuries. The building is a national monument of France.  In 1137 the 13-year-old Eleanor of Aquitaine married the future Louis VII, a few months before she became Queen.

DSC04485The Church was ready for Easter

DSC04488The Private Chapel at the rear of the Church was lit and open for prayers, while the rest of the Church was unadorned in readiness for Easter.

DSC04487One of the many private chapels around the Church


The Lectern


The amazing stained glass at the back of the Church.


The Altar undressed for Easter.  Although all the flowers, cloths and candles were ready, but tucked out of sight waiting for Easter Sunday!

We had a lovely time seeing a new part of the World and visiting Corinne, Gordon and the doggies. 

This weekend I am going to make a big start on my Spring Cleaning and get some other things tidied and sorted out.  DH and Youngest are helping out with a disco on Saturday afternoon for twins who swim at the Club as they are nine on Sunday!

Hopefully the weather will be nice and warm, although I think they have forecast some April showers for Sunday 🙁

I hope you all have a lovely Weekend.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Such gorgeous pictures! The cathedral reminds me of the Lincoln Cathedral in Lincolnshire – amazing! Nothing quite that old on this side of the pond! Missed yesterday’s post…I went to a guild meeting in Spokane where Bonnie Hunter was the guest speaker and then got to sit across the table from her at dinner – had a blast and she is such a sweet lady! Today and tomorrow is our local quilt show and as soon as that is finished on Saturday, I’m off to my daughter’s home (not like I want a 5.5 hour drive after spending most of the day at the quilt show!!). I’ll go back and catch it when I catch my breath!!!

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