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DSC04469One of the days whilst we were away was cool and a bit showery so Corinne took me to this underground Church in Aubeterre, L’Eglise Monolithe de St Jean.  It was carved from solid rock in the 12th Century and is the largest subterranean church in Europe.  Its original purpose was to conserve religious artifacts in a series of pits, and in a Reliquary, inspired by the Sepulcher in Jerusalem, which was discovered during the First Crusade at the end of the 11th century.

The history of the church was very interesting but being inside it was quite spooky!

DSC04456It was very deep and very high!

DSC04458The Crypt

DSC04459A Cross carved from the rocks where pilgrims prayed

DSC04461 DSC04463 The Reliquary

DSC04464 The full height of the church

DSC04470The rock above the Church

The church itself, and its crypt, were hidden for centuries by a rock fall, and only rediscovered in the 1950′s. It was a great visit although I was glad to get back out into the warmth of the day even though it was showery.

DH is away today and tomorrow at an exhibition.  Eldest has managed to get a bug of some sort so has been off work for two days and Youngest is gearing up for exams!!!!!  Oh my!

Obviously there was no quilting done over the holidays but I did get the baby quilt sewn together beforehand, so I just now need to get it sandwiched and quilted.  There is one month to go, so I am going to be getting my skates on.  I can’t show you it though as the lovely lady it is for reads my blog!!!!!

On my other list of jobs to do is the Spring Cleaning!!!!!  I did do a little bit before we went away but now need to get the rest done and completed!

Tonight I have taken Youngest to have his braces tightened and fingers crossed they may be off at the next appointment in June.  Yeah, big cheers!!!!!!!!  However the Dentist has really tightened them up, so they are now hurting 🙁

I am off now to get dinner for he and I, something soft I think.  I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday.

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    Fascinating church!!! It would be spooky to go into it, I agree! Poor youngest…I remember those days – miserable for a few days! I used to like chicken noodle soup and frozen yogurt. Hope he’s back to his old self soon and it doesn’t interfere with his exams!!! Where is Treacle?

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