We’re Back! Well We Have Been Back For A Week!!!!!

DSC04500 DSC04499You know how you spend the week before you go away trying to get up to date with everything?  Well you spend the week after you get back trying to catch up on everything that’s happened over the two weeks you are away!!!!!!!  Saying which, it was worth it as we had a lovely two week break.  The above pictures are taken at our friends new home on the patio it was lovely and warm!!!!

The first place Corinne took us to was Brantome, which is a lovely rural French village not far from where they live.

DSC04442 DSC04443 DSC04444This is the local Church and Monastery

DSC04445The local bistro where we had lunch in the village square

DSC04446 DSC04447The River running through Brantome with the houses.

DSC04453 DSC04454The main shopping street and another home with wonderful balconies

DSC04455More shops but they were still closed after the winter, they were slowly opening for the summer whilst we were there.

I will show you more pictures over the next few days of our various visits.  Last week I managed to catch up on all my work and Friday was a training day for the Senior School so Youngest was off for the day.  I got all my house jobs done and then on the Saturday I stood for six hours ironing!!!!!  It was all the holiday washing together with a week’s worth of clothes!!!!  I was sure glad to see the bottom of the basket.

Treacle got home on the Sunday after we got back and was pleased to see us all, although at the Kennels they said she had had a terrific time with all the other dogs!!!! 

I have not caught up on all the blogs I follow yet, I thought I had better get my work finished before I started reading what everyone else has been up to over Easter!

The weather here now is very Spring like, sunny and getting a little warmer, although it is still cold at night.  The garden is springing to life and DH wrestled with the mower and the lawn at the weekend for the first cut of the season.

I hope you all had a lovely Easter and a Marvelous Monday

Hugs, Susie x

DSC02830New born Lambs at the farm in the village.

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  1. farmquilter

    WELCOME HOME!!!! I swear you need a week’s vacation after every vacation just to catch up!! So glad to see you are home and survived the horrors of the catch-up week…I can’t imagine 6 hours of ironing!! The pictures are fabulous – love seeing the blue skies and sunshine (so glad the weather was cooperative) and the towns you were in are so interesting!

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