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Solar Eclipse

This is a picture from a city near us.  I actually saw the eclipse just before the clouds came.  Amazing!!!  The sun had a smile!

Treacle was running around in the garden like a lunatic, but the birds did stop singing!  It certainly got a little darker as the lights in the house got brighter, obviously not completely black as it was only a partial eclipse here.

Susie x

Thoughtful Thursday!

Tomorrow morning at about 9.35am there is to be a solar eclipse and here we should see a partial eclipse.  However the weather forecast is for cloud!!!! So I doubt we will be able to see it!  This always happens when something interesting is happening in the sky, it is always cloudy and we never get to see it!!!!!

I am having one of these days today, in fact a week like this! 

IMG_0384Throwback Thursday from nine years ago!  I just need to turn back the clock!

Hugs, Susie x

The Wednesday Wag!

DSC04400Mom has been working a lot at her desk this past week so I have been busy checking out all the positions in my basket.  This, so far, is my best spot!

Mom has arranged for my Spa day for next Wednesday as the two ladies who run it are extremely busy with the nice weather here, appointments are going fast!

DSC03654As the weather is getting better I am spending more time outside and lots of things are coming to life.  Mom took this picture of me looking at the new buds on the plants.  This is a honeysuckle.

DSC04408DSC04407This is a little primula which has set up home under the wisteria.  Mom loves it as it is a self set, no doubt a gift from the birds who visit the garden.

Hopefully if the weather is good at the weekend Mom has promised an extra long walk!  Can’t wait to see who is out and about.

Hope you are having a Woofy Wednesday


Is It Tuesday?

Monday was a really busy day, but I didn’t seem to get much done, if that makes sense!!!!  I was obviously feeling Mondayish!!

Are you ever convinced that you have seen a film and then when you watch it realise you haven’t?  Well that happened to me over the weekend.  They were showing on TV the Godfather Trilogy and I was convinced I had seen them all, well I hadn’t!!!!!  I enjoyed them.

Today has been busy but I have managed to get all my work done, as well as half of the ironing basket; I will finish the rest this evening.

DSC04403 DSC04402 DSC04401 DSC04400This is how busy Treacle has been today!!!!!  I have called the Doggy Spa but have not got an answer yet so I am hoping I will get an appointment for her this week or next!

DSC04404This is dinner tonight!  Homemade sweet & sour chicken and rice.  I will post the recipe on my new page tomorrow.  It is really easy but tastes better than the store bought ones and the takeaway.

I am still busy getting on with the baby quilt and I love the colours in it.

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday

Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx

Friday The 13th!

Yes today is Friday the 13th, the second one this year, and I think everyone was out to get me today, on the roads!!!!! I seemed to find everyone who wanted to go in the opposite direction but decided not to indicate they were!  I had cars turn in front of me for no reason and several who tried to rear end me! I am very glad to be home!!!!!

I now have lots of house jobs to do, laundry, grocery shopping and cleaning 😦  but what I really want to do is get on with the baby quilt!!!!! 

After a few nice days of Spring weather it looks like we will be going back to cold and frosty days with the possibility of some more snow!!!  I was just getting used to the sunshine again.  It was even getting me in the mood of planning the Spring cleaning.

The weekend is surprisingly clear, just the normal swimming training sessions, no competitions, although I am sending DH and The Boys for haircuts on Saturday.

This begins again this weekend, yeah, with the F1 Grand Prix Australia. Looking forward to the new season and to see if Lewis Hamilton can retain the title.

Sunday DH and I have some business work to do but not all day, thankfully, so I may get the quilt all done by Sunday evening.

I hope the Spring Sunshine is shining down on you this weekend and you have a lovely time.

Hugs, Susie x

DSC03792It will soon be Summer and you can stay outside as long as you want Treacle but not today it is a cold wind!

Throwback Thursday!

IMG_1580 IMG_1565Easter 2009 We were in London for the two week holiday.  The top picture is of the boys under the statue of Clive of India.  The second picture is on the London Eye at dusk.

IMG_1541 IMG_1540Love the colours in these two pictures, especially with the sun glinting off the buildings.  I could see a quilt made of these colours.

IMG_1570The Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey at night.

I met Girlfriend’s Mom for a coffee this morning and then got back and managed to get a load of work completed, yeah.  Tonight Youngest is coaching for an hour and then swimming for two hours at swimming club but I am just dropping him off tonight.  Tomorrow is house job day and grocery shopping after a personal appointment in the morning for me.  Treacle is going to be booked in for her Spa day next week. 

Happy Thursday everyone

Hugs, Susie x

A Busy Few Days!

It was Sunday evening and I was all ready for the week, then Monday morning happened and the day disappeared in a blur of work, work and more work!  In the evening we had a swimming club committee meeting and we had a few major things to talk about and before I knew it three hours had passed!

Tuesday again was really busy with work and I was determined to get the Minutes from the previous evening’s meeting done, then I had a visit from Girlfriend for a couple of hours which of course threw my plans out.  I did get all my work completed though.

DSC04390 DSC04391 DSC04392I did get Youngest’s top finished at the weekend 🙂  Really pleased with it.  Just now need to get it sandwiched and quilted, but I also got the baby quilt cut out, which I need to get finished by April so I am going to make that and finish it before I do Youngest’s.  Still have two more super secret quilts to make as well, but they are definitely on the back burner.

Today, of course, should have been Wednesday Wag but Treacle is really not in the mood to do much!  One thing she does need is a bath and hair cut but I keep putting it off until it gets a little warmer and possibly before she goes away on Holiday.

DSC04396 DSC04397She is extremely wooly at the moment and she missed her brush at the weekend so looks even more like a scruff pot! 

I need this today as I have been waiting for a parcel to be delivered and I have waited in all day, except for the school run, and it has only just been delivered now at 5.00pm!!!!!!!   Grrrrrr

Anyway I am going to get on with the baby quilt and hopefully get it finished this week.

DSC04395 DSC04394 DSC04393Here are the fabrics and I have made a start on the blocks.  I love this pattern, it is from a book by Connie Ewbank “Quick & Easy Quilts for Kids”.  There are 12 designs in it and this one I am using is the same one I used for Lily’s quilt.

DSC03998I have to get on now as I have dinner to make and then Youngest is at swimming again tonight, but coaching this time.  Eldest and Girlfriend are coming for dinner on Friday evening as well, so I need to get my shopping list together for that and the weekend.

Hope everyone is having a wonderful Wednesday, keep going we are half way to the Weekend!!!!!!!

Hugs, Susie x