Wednesday Wag Take Two!

DSC04439I have hijacked Mom’s computer today so that I can show you my new haircut.  I am a lot thinner now all my fluff has gone!!!  I am currently sitting on my clean quilt with my clean teddy!

DSC04438Side view!

DSC04437Hurry Up Mom I want to play with Teddy!

I also got a delivery from the nice delivery man today as well!

DSC04440 DSC04441Now all I need to do is get into these bags that my lovely food has been delivered in!

I have also had a long snooze today as all the activity and three hours at my Spa yesterday took it out of me.

Happy Thursday everyone, Yeah tomorrow is Friday

Woof, Treacle

B-jS7QKIcAA29rO.jpg largeTreacle when she is on the bed with us! Mom

2 thoughts on “Wednesday Wag Take Two!

  1. Mitch and Molly

    You look gorgeous, Treacle, and we know you feel like you have a ton more energy, right? If you need help getting those bags open, we’re available!

  2. farmquilter

    Treacle looks so smart with her new haircut! And everything smells so good with a clean quilt, teddy and Treacle!!! Enjoy being so purdy!

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