Is It Tuesday?

Monday was a really busy day, but I didn’t seem to get much done, if that makes sense!!!!  I was obviously feeling Mondayish!!

Are you ever convinced that you have seen a film and then when you watch it realise you haven’t?  Well that happened to me over the weekend.  They were showing on TV the Godfather Trilogy and I was convinced I had seen them all, well I hadn’t!!!!!  I enjoyed them.

Today has been busy but I have managed to get all my work done, as well as half of the ironing basket; I will finish the rest this evening.

DSC04403 DSC04402 DSC04401 DSC04400This is how busy Treacle has been today!!!!!  I have called the Doggy Spa but have not got an answer yet so I am hoping I will get an appointment for her this week or next!

DSC04404This is dinner tonight!  Homemade sweet & sour chicken and rice.  I will post the recipe on my new page tomorrow.  It is really easy but tastes better than the store bought ones and the takeaway.

I am still busy getting on with the baby quilt and I love the colours in it.

I hope you are having a Terrific Tuesday

Hugs, Susie & Treacle xx

2 thoughts on “Is It Tuesday?

  1. RedSetter

    I’ve been feeling ‘Monday-ish’ for months Susie, if you find the cure please, please share it! Treacle is such a cuddle monster and always makes me smile. I just love her fluffy insouciance right now, especially the half-a-handlebar moustache in her last! I haven’t watched the Godfather trilogy in ages….Andy Garcia…my fantasy man…well, him and some scrummy Chinese food! Hope the rest of the week improves.

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