Sush Don’t Shout Too Loud, Spring May Be Here!!!!

DSC04385The garden still looks sorry for itself at the moment, after all the cold weather, but the sun has been out most of the day and, dare I say it, it actually was a little warm.  Treacle is loving it and so am I.  I even had the cool air on in the Jeep today!!!!!

DSC04386Here are the snowdrops which are doing well.  My terracotta pots have not fared too well over the winter but they are several years old now.

DSC04389Here is my Christmas rose doing really well.

DSC04388 DSC04387The Winter Pansies are still out and looking pretty.

Eldest is home tonight for dinner and staying overnight and he is working tomorrow morning.  Youngest is at the swimming pool tomorrow morning training between 7.00 and 9.00am.  I am going to try and get my ironing done while they are out and then get on with my quilting.  Saturday evening we are visiting friends who live about an hour away for dinner.  Sunday will be quilting again to try and get Youngest’s quilt done and then I need to get two more quilts done before Easter!!!!!!  I had better get my skates on.

I hope everyone is having a Fantastic Friday and will have a great weekend.

Hugs, Susie x


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  1. Mitch and Molly

    Flowers! It’s so nice to see green grass and flowers! Ours are still buried under 3 feet of snow – so we are just going to have to enjoy yours ☺

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