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In one stunning shot, Terry Virts revealed the enormity of the ISS against the blackness of space as his fellow astronaut Butch Wilmore prepared the station for future 'space taxis'.'Can you spot the space walker in this picture?' Virts tweeted. 'He's very small compared to the enormous starboard truss of the #ISS'

This picture was in the paper today and I love it! The ISS with the sun glinting off the panels.

Nasa astronaut during a spacewalk at International Space Station (ISS). Two astronauts conducted a third spacewalk in just over a week to lay cables and install antennas on the International Space Station (ISS), Nasa said. The cables and antennas are part of a communication system that will be used when visiting spaceships such as Boeing's Crew Transportation System and Dragon's SpaceX dock with the ISS, the US space agency said in a blog post.

Can you imagine having this as your day job?

Nasa astronaut Terry Virts says: 'The camera doesn't do it justice - floating in space, looking down on creation, seeing new color shades'Astronauts complete series of three spacewalks

A picture taken by one of the Astronauts on the ISS.  I am sure Mr Spock is up there with them!

I have had one of those days of driving Yougest round to various things, after collecting him from school!  No sooner had I dropped him off at school this morning it was time to collect him (I had a really busy day with work) and then he had various things to do before swimming training tonight!  I was out and in the car ten times today!!!!!!

Treacle has been a lazy lump all day and only gone out when she absolutely had to! Although I don’t blame her as it has been really cold, sunny, but really cold!  Roll on Spring please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Hope you Tuesday is going well

Hugs, Susie x

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  1. farmquilter

    LOL I spent twelve hours in the car today driving 700 miles, and most of it was on 2-lane highways. No snow today, just drove through a bit of rain in the desert. I am at my dad’s house for 5 days then the push for home! I honestly can’t wait to sleep in my own bed again!!! Tara was happy to see me and won’t let me out of her sight right now – I think she missed me!!! Sorry you didn’t get to do anything fun today, but you did make great progress this past weekend!!

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