I Got A lot Done!

DSC04380 DSC04381This is the first part of Youngest’s quilt done!  I am really pleased how it has gone together.  I still have to do the same again to make the whole quilt.

DSC04382 DSC04383I also started the next set of blocks and the half square triangles sewn together.

DSC04384The rest waiting to be put together.

I had to take the pictures all indoors today as it has been snowing again!  It hasn’t settled but there were some pretty big flakes!!!  It has also been very windy so I think March is coming in like a Lion this year, hopefully it will be going out like a lamb!!!!!

How is your Monday?

Hugs, Susie x

2 thoughts on “I Got A lot Done!

  1. farmquilter

    Wow, you were really busy!!! No sewing for me this past weekend…packed my truck on Saturday and headed out on Sunday. 950 miles down (had to quit early today because of a snow storm) and 700 miles to do tomorrow to get to my dad’s house, where I will spend a few days then push on the last 750 miles home! I’ll get a whole week home before I have to head out (only 325 miles) to my other daughter’s home for a week, where I’ll babysit her cat and dog!! Keep me on track…I’ll be quilting at home, I promise!!! Especially since I found out I am getting a new grandson (first boy!!!) the end of April!!!! So excited and I need to make a quilt for him!!!!!

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